Forum Announcement: TVMC (a fork of KODI) and K-Addons
TVMC (TV Media Center) is an android-minded fork of Kodi, by the Kodi fans, TVBOXNews Team.
TVMC has the same functions as KODI, but it is improved by TVBOXNews Team. People can find more useful and popular KODI Addons through TVMC and K-Addons.

K-Addons is a KODI Addons Center developed by  TVBOXNews Team, and is designed to help people to find top Kodi addons easily. K-Addons is absolutely a useful TV BOX partner because it can fit the needs of most people.

What’s the relationship between TVMC and K-Addons?
TVMC is an APP, and K-Addons is this APP’s useful tool to download Add-ons. The doawloaded App-ons can be found at TVMC.

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