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A faulty adapter? - KeepS - 02-10-2017

Recently I got an MINIX NEO U1. It is a really great device. The OS runs very smooth and fast. The device plays contents from my NTFS formatted 128 GB flash drive. KODI performs well. The remote controller is also great.

In the meantime I faced a major problem with the power adapter. As soon as I connect it to the device, it starts to make loud noise, which becomes even louder when I switch the device on. The noise is so awkward and loud that it is clearly heard while watching a movie or listening to music. I presume the adapter which came with my product was faulty. Is there anyone face the same problem?

RE: A faulty adapter? - gatos814 - 02-10-2017

I have an ''old" x7 and the power adapter still very durable and stable
so it's better now which is still ''fresh'' to ask your supplier for a replacement!

RE: A faulty adapter? - Willis - 05-22-2018

maybe you can purchase a new adapter from Amazon.