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D3 firmware or other solution - aas88keyz - 01-11-2018

I seem to be in big trouble with my D3 and I haven't found any solutions so I thought I would add to the very few threads D3 has to itself. Basically I have been having issues installing software because the D3 is rooted. Particularly my primary stream app, Netlfix. I researched the issue and found advice on how to hide sudo in order to install these apps successfully. I worked with rooting Fire TV 2's before so I thought I had what i needed. It was recommended to start with installing SuperSu (which I had past experience). No big deal right? installed successfully and it advised to reboot. I rebooted only to find the D3 at the title screen and hasn't gone passed that since. I unplugged for 30 minutes. No change. Left on for 30 minutes. No change. I went back to the researching and found out how to soft and hard reset. I started with soft reset by clicking reset button in the av port and selecting "wipe data/factory rest" under the Android Recovery and reboot. No change. I did this 4 times with no progress. Next advice I found in my research was to do a hard reset by using the "apply update from EXT" which requires the firmware apparently. I searched every where for the firmware and cannot find it anywhere. Can someone help me find the firmware needed or provide alternate solutions. I promise, I will not do this again! lol. thanks in advance.