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can not access beyond dolamee symboll
(01-11-2017, 02:47 PM)manitoulin Wrote:
(01-11-2017, 09:59 AM)Alina Wrote: 1. Reboot your box.
2. Cut off the power then replug-in.
3. Do factory reset: Settings-->More settings-->Backup&reset-->Factory data reset-->RESET MBX-->ERASE EVERYTHING

we have the menu on screen now, the mouse and remote will scroll up and down the menu items but we are unable to select anything on the menu - it seems the box is not receiving that message from remote and/or mouse

We have it working now - it was hooked up wireless - we hooked up the Ether Cable and it is now working fine! Thank each of you for  your help. Once the cable was connected we followed the instructions for reset and now we are up and running again - Thank you so much!

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