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Crackling audio
Dolamee, when will you fix the audio stutter problem on the D5 2gb 8gb, this is getting really annoying.
its is a known issue for rk3229 boxes
I have tried all of that, to no avail. I appreciate your message tho!

There's a D5 firmware issue. This happens not only in Kodi, but also android apps.

I have purchased many of these units, some are fine and some have this crackling skipping audio and it's unbearable!

(02-18-2017, 09:17 PM)Ozakm Wrote: its is a known issue for rk3229 boxes

I've only head of it on the Dolamee d5. It's hit or miss. Some units do it and some don't.

(02-10-2017, 03:35 PM)bpeti Wrote: I have tried official and unofficial firmwares and a different version of kodi (FTMC). Unfortunatelly all of that have the crackling audio issue.
I usually play videos from online (internet) sources and local network. I tried to copy (normal SD) video files to the built in flash memory and play it. It's worked: played smoothly no crackling!
I modified the kodi buffer settings (as described here: ). I feel it better, but it's far from perfect.

On mine android apps do it too, like youtube and modbro. 

That didn't help on mine Sad
I applied the firmware update that was released today and the audio crackling/skipping problem was gone!
Will this firmware work with the 2gb + 8gb?
(02-26-2017, 06:36 PM)LeJoe5599 Wrote: Will this firmware work with the 2gb + 8gb?

Yeeeees, working fine now, and the update is automatic (available online) but, not all the 1/8 GB Dolamee D5 can update yet...

Thnks very much for the Dolamee Team
I believe the update available online fixes the audio problem, but it doesn't update to android 6.

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