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No published method works.
The app I am trying is Playstation Vue. No matter what it sees this device as rooted.
I think a file is left somewhere, or the ability is in the ROM, and the playstation app sees it.

There's no way to remove the ability to root on these devices so this app will work?!
Try SUhide and if that doesn't work, try rootcloak with Xposed, both are known to work often, just not 100%

I don't know any other way to say it as I already have. I have tried ALL KNOWN METHODS... This includes tools from XDA, the play store and other repositories of Android knowledge.

Nothing is working.

And, it's not like I"m a Noob... I've been using Android since CupCake. Every phone and tablet I've had, I've rooted and usually flashed custom ROM's on... I just haven't with my S7 Edge yet.

Perhaps it's the fact that the bootloader is unlocked and the apps are seeing that?

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