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Stuttering and Lagging Network (Youtube, Skype and others)
i received my Nexsmart D32 and the box made an OTA update with the date 04/01/2017 but before and after this update the Youtube and Skype Videocall is impossible to use. Youtube lagging every time and the Skype blocks the image and without sound.

I suppose is something related with the Ethernet and Wifi Connection because when i put something to download (apps from store, Mega Cloud even from the browser) the connection isn't stable and download a little bit and stop, download more a little bit and stop and goes on until the end.

Please take care about this problem which affects more users. i think the problem will be resolve with just one OTA update with some tweaks on the the internet connection and remove some apps that consume RAM and network.

The last OTA update that i received was LMY49 eng melvin 20170104. 160737.
this is the last OTA firmaware?

This is possible to fix it? the youtube lagging and with the skype videocall?

thanks for your attention.
The same issue like below, and the online cinema are lagging as well, rondom crash of stock launcher, non stable wi-wi speed
When is an update to solve these problems?

Update to Marshmallow Android 6.0 and solve all problems.

I take advantage of these examples from another user. The problem is the same.

Solve this problem please.

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