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Living with a Nexbox A1 for about two months
I would like to share my experience with the A1 box as it was a very big change in my TV experience, I turned the page forgetting about HTPC and I got into my hands something that really will never get me back to HTPC.

I had a quiet -as it can be- Intel Q9650 undervolted to 1.1250V @2.66Ghz, so it gets as quiet as it can be with the quietest heatsink I could fit.
For years I did not even thought of getting an android TV box. Too slow, too little to compare to HTPC.
Well, the time has come !
Did the step forward, getting something that works the same or even better, easier and QUIET. Deadly quiet.
Of course the power consumption is also at no comparison.

Now about the box itself.
  • It had an OTA update (over-the-air update) since I got it. That`s good news. A support of OTA, always welcomed ! And it was really an update, not just a different firmware. Like in other cases that an update fixes something but brings new bugs...
  • It is quick with no lag whatsoever. No signs or poor cpu or low memory. Good news.
  • It comes loaded with almost anything I run. Added google account and only a very few apps. As I am more minimalist about how I like a device I liked that I had to install only what I want more and kept pre-installed apps as they are working nicely.
  • Pre-installed kodi rocks.
  • Miracast works perfectly. I can view my videos captured by my tablet without having to copy files or move SD cards.
  • Dolby Digital and DTS is fed to my old 5.1 receiver through SPDIF. All players support it (I had installed MX player + custom codec first)
  • It is deadly quiet. Did I mention this?
  • It comes with android 6.0 that supports adding an SD card or USB flash drive as internal storage extending the 16GB to very good numbers of internal storage. All apps can access it, no other action required. This is the end to root apps and to special "move to SD" apps. What a relief !
  • It plays games. Actually I chose the A1 out of its next gen GPU. I was never into PC games that need serious money every year to have the PC "game ready". I like the simplicity of having just fun, no money spent. Just bought the next gen android GPU box I could buy.
  • Remote control is working good and get used to navigating is a matter of time. As a former HTPC lover I kept a wireless mouse and a Rii i8+ keyboard that box works as a charm with them additionally.
  • Till now I type it has never crashed, neither had any problems with it. A reliable device was a must. Good to be such.
  • Bluetooth is nice. I exchange files from my box to phone/tablet or vice versa.
  • I have no complain about the box. That the most important. My only complain is my Terios T3 bluetooth gets off after some time. But I suspect my Terios is either fake (which isn`t) or problematic.
  • I am happy it exceeded my expectations. As a HTPC user with experience and an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 - that`s 12.2" screen at 2560 x 1600 resolution, with an Octa-core cpu, 3GB RAM and 32GB storage ! and a Note Pro 12.2 LTE as well- I had set expectations to the roof. It exceeded them ! The $62 it cost me back in November were well spent - the best buy I could make, a heatsink + SSD to make HTPC even quieter would cost the double...
Of course there are some apps I don`t (want to) use. Such is Netflix for example. So I have not an idea of those apps and how they perform.


Pre-installed apps that I use

Kodi (mainly)
Browser (quite similar to chrome)
Root Browser (file manager with root access)
File manager
MoviePlayer, VideoPlayer

Apps that I added

Chrome (I regret I added it)
Gmail (it`s a secondary google account so it`s only there)
Mega (file hosting app)
MX Player 1.8.10 + custom codec 1.8.6 (AC3 & DTS support)
RAR (rarlab)
Reboot (reboot app no adds)
SPMC (just for testing stuff)
Happychick (multi game emulator)

Some games
Youtube (tablet version)

Apps I added but uninstalled immediately

A couple I forget about.

Summary of living with it

I love it !

Please share your overall experience.

This is for those who like, love, hate, would recommend, would not recommend !
This is NOT an issue thread. If you have an issue then either share your overall experience or post to more suitable threads !
Firstly , this is a great article Spiros. As we all know , the majority of the posts we see here daily at the forum are negative. Its very , very refreshing to see a good positive one from you. Thanks for putting in the effort here to compile it.

I have to agree with you overall , my experience with both my A95x and A1 is very good. I have had Android TV boxes in the past (Been involved in the TV box scene for a decade now before Android existed). Overall , the experience is good and I myself love these two boxes also.

Here are features I really love - there are many others but these stand out:

The ability to run TWRP from SD card - its really good to be able to do regular , complete backups. setting up a box as you want it takes time , and backups ensure you can always recover to a good configuration.
The ability to be able to run LibreELEC from SD card - this adds a different dimension to my A95x.
The Fact Kodi comes pre configured , sometimes the setup is not easy for new users , so this makes it really easy.
The App to add Kodi addons is great , again something that not easy to do for some users.
The fact the box is pre rooted (to some degree lol). Fully rooting it is very easy with SuperSU.

We do however know that some people do not have the same positive experience. In the last few days , we have seen some efforts from Nexbox to try and address some of the more serious issues that affect some users. Lets hope these fixes do in fact come to fruition.

We all want to see some other smaller fixes implemented and some small features added to the devices , it would be nice if Nexbox could issue monthly or bi monthly updates , that way, users would have something to look forward to and it would also show Nexbox is willing to work with us users to make their boxes even better. I understand that software development costs money. But I also know that many of us are very will to devote our time to work with Nexbox on suggestions , beta testing etc etc. My previous experience has shown a user is more willing to buy a box that they KNOW is going to get regular,future updates - so sales will increase...

Bugs that need fixing are:
1) The Dark Video Bug (only seem to affect certain users).
2) The Green/Pink Video bug (Again only effects some users).
3) The Restricted profiles bug - once a restricted profile is activated by a user , the user is locked into it and the only way out is a factory reset.
4) The Casting Bug , when you try and "cast" to a external source ie Chromecast - a black screen results and no video.
5) The BBC Iplayer Downloads bug - Downloads from the BBC iplayer app only play audio - no Video - just black screen.
(We know this is a Nexbox bug , as these downloads play perfect on other Android boxes)

I do also have a list of feature requests - I am realistic and understand that not all of these will every be incorporated , but many of them are reasonable and I am sure fellow users would like:

1) A "Clear All" button to close all open Apps.
2) A way to re-assign the Live TV button on the remote control. "Cloud
TV" is not really widely used outside of China and Asia (and is quite poor). so it would
be really useful to reassign this to something like Mobdro. and so
help your sales in other English speaking markets.
3) Enable "Cut and paste" feature for txt - this is a common Android
feature that seems to be missing.
4) Limited Webcam Support (We understand you cannot support all
webcams). Or can you publish a list of USB Webcams that have been
tested with Nexbox products.
5) A "Never" option in the timeout for the box going into "suspend"
mode. Some users never want the box to switch off.

All in all , I love My Nexbox , and think we are building a great community here , which can only benefit us all..

Friz's Nexbox File Repository:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ
Friz's Nexbox A1/A3. A95x (s905x) Facebook Page:
Quote:My previous experience has shown a user is more willing to buy a box that they KNOW is going to get regular,future updates - so sales will increase...

Well said Friz.
I want to add what made me choose the A1 than another Nexbox or another make S912 box.

First of all there were not many S912 boxes. So for me that I triple check before I buy it was easier to compare.
So what I was looking for:
  • OTA update. If it has no OTA then probably is a rebranded with no support at all. This is my personal experience.
  • Also as I don`t like having to update manually -except if I have to-  the OTA was almost a must have. After years in PCs I have got lazy and I also demand, demand to be as simple as it must be, as other are.
  • Site and forum. If there is no forum then probably either do not care at all or they cannot. Both are unacceptable for spending your money there.
  • Availability of firmware versions to download. My experience says that many devices get a firmware update it fixes something but adds too many bugs that users want to downgrade. Some devices do not have a firmware repository at all and/or cannot be downgraded (due to bootloader). Thankfully the A1 got only better with the update. I was a bit disappointed though I had to register to Mega. It would be a lot better if I had not - as like things as simple as it can be. I got Mega only for Nexbox and this is a minus for me.
  • kodi 16.1 stable release. Did not liked boxes coming with a beta version of kodi. Something is not sounding right. I am not going to be the beta tester for anyone. Either the box does not work with the stable release or the marketing department decided it is better to advertise v17 than 16.1 so let`s put v17. I don`t want the marketing department make my device, I want the developers to have the control.
I was looking at a known brand`s S912 and found it has at least 3 revisions of the same model without mentioning it somewhere, leaving users at their own as each revision needs different firmware and behaves differently. You buy and get a lottery ticket.

Now to specs:
I liked having Octa-core (even if it is big-LITTLE)
Next gen GPU - not another Mali450 (even if it is still good)
2GB RAM - my minimum

Optical SPDIF
Definitely with bluetooth
Nice looking

PS. It is true, I was inspired by the issues that are posted and they are either user fault or just a minor dislike of personal taste. I don`t see a real problem at least at my everyday usage. Except of those you listed that I agree it would be good to be resolved for every user- especially the green/pink problem on some TV brands. This is the #1 problem I see although I cannot know if it is not fixed already as my Samsung TV is not an affected brand.
I would like one that is looking to make the step from HTPC to A1 to get the picture. I was into that position before.
(01-11-2017, 05:58 PM)spiros Wrote: I would like to share my experience with the A1 box as it was a very big change in my TV experience, I turned the page forgetting about HTPC and I got into my hands ...

Hi, I've enjoying my Nexbox too.
Movies, emulators and a couple of games, works almos fine with my BT keyboard, XBox wired controller and Moga Hero Power.
But i like to make you a question about one game in your's screenshoots.
NFS appears not compatible with this device in the Play Store, have you sideloaded it?

Thanks you both, spiros and friz for make this forums alive.
Thank you benitoc for sharing your experience.

That`s why I said some games as I am not that play the games actually, well I also do, but I gave a try in this by the happy chick emulator and it does not work. It shows a message of that the app has stopped.
I`ll send you a PM.

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