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Tutorial Video: DOLAMEE D5 Firmware Update with USB tool
You can make one very easy by connecting old usb male cables (you don't need) just by the colors !

[Image: ?action=dlattach;attach=4842]
is there any way to update without male to male usb cable.I refuse to spend money just for a update.another previous thread says he used a sd card but didnt put down clear instruction.All i want to do is update to mm android.guess dolamee is being returned.Way to many people returning this box.Should of did my research before i spent hard earned money

awesome diagram but it means nothing to me.the second pic doesnt even look like a usb cable.not sure what your trying to tell me

im guessing on the right hand side of diagram is what you think the dolamee box has as usb outlets but there is only one type.not sure why you put mini usb in the diagram.sooooooo confused
The only way to flash PROPERLY a Rockchip processor is via usb !
It's not Amlogic processor which is more ''flexible'' in these flashing methods !

It's a straight conection :
Good luck!
yes it running android mm on my dolamee.Thankyou so much man
Generally speaking always for flashing a firmware it's better to do it via usb
SD cards sometimes are not working stable and you could have problems during firmware updating ....
But with usb way if you install properly the drivers of your device you have not to worry for anything!

P.S : But if still anyone facing ''usb cable'' problems this is a tutorial for using Rockchip sd tool !

The link for sd card did what it said by instructions and wrote image to sd card so i powered down my device inserted mni sd into device slot and when i power on all i get is a dead dolammee unit.will not power blue lite.but when i take card out and try to power on it boots but back to origonaly what i had.I thought that was the point.itshould boot but doesnt.i followd instruction exact
As i said ,the best way to flash it PROPERLY is via usb..... !
Does anyone know how to tag id in the flash tool.get red fail.

(04-04-2017, 03:08 PM)Jimmybag Wrote: Does anyone know how to tag id in the flash tool.get red fail.

And what does it mean by plugging another devive in usb.from instructons in bottom left
What windows version have you ?
Are you sure you installed properly the Rockchip drivers ?
Window 10 and the driver instalation in package wont work.just keep getting little box that says no driver installed.but when I hold resetbuttin with pinand plug usb i see it is installing something at bottom of screen.I figured that was driver being installed

When i plug my devive in it showes red line and like the words load 9 or what ever number port it is at the time.when i run program the error mes says tag id fail or something i tag something or what does that mean

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