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Tutorial Video: DOLAMEE D9 Firmware Update with USB tool
This is a tutorial video of how to update DOLAMEE D5 firmware. Anyone who need to flash your box can take this as a reference. Hope it can help you.

Firmware for DOLAMEE D9 (1.5GB+8GB)!Q9AG2IrY!NWHy4NfZDhg84..._B_HV55gYI

Firmware for DOLAMEE D9 (2GB+16GB)!Y5Y3TLhA!qNuvuDkymuh0X...6Eg7PBpbHI

Firmware for DOLAMEE D9 (3GB+16GB)!4xpAABjD!CHbvq6km8KfEP...J1hUPub2sA

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