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Dead video card after 2 months; do your products have any warranty?
Hi Nexbox.

Computer worked great for 2 months, then video card died.  I know it is the video card because (I am a computer professional, and) I have tried different cables, different monitors, and I can still connect to the computer with Chrome Remote Desktop, and I can control it that way.  But without actual video output, of course it is no use.

There is no information about a warranty on your website, what is the warranty? I emailed you directly a few weeks ago, you did not respond.  
I did just post a couple negative reviews because you don't seem to have any warranties for your products, and don't respond to emails; but then I decided to try this forum.  I'll be glad to update the reviews positively if you do respond here. Sorry if that sounds threatening, but what ya gonna do.
I'm sorry but I think you should inquiry the platform where you get the box.
I understand. You do not stand by your product. You know perfectly well that I cannot return the product to Amazon after 1 month.

You are saying that you do not stand by your product, and you do not have a warranty, and you will not fix any problems.


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