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Kodi 17 upgrade
Which version of Kodi should I download for my A3? Is it the ARM version? ARMv8A (64 bit)? These are 2 of 3 options listed on the kodi download page under the Android OS section but I'm not sure which version is the correct version I should download for my box.
ARM version or update via Playstore !
(02-19-2017, 07:38 PM)gatos814 Wrote: ARM version or update via Playstore !

Do you suppose if I go with the ARM version and install it, will the Kodi link on the home page of my Nexbox still work? Big Grin
I don't use the smart launcher so i don't know.....
but if you go with playstore you will find kodi 17 update and probably the link will work on home page..     Wink
(02-19-2017, 09:44 PM)gatos814 Wrote: I don't use the smart launcher so i don't know.....
but if you go with playstore you will find kodi 17 update and probably the link will work on home page..     Wink

I just tried google play and version 17 Krypton is there but instead of an "Upgrade" button, it just says Open because it thinks I already have it installed which I do not Sad

The only thing I can think of now is maybe I should uninstall it, go through the Google Play store again and install version 17 but I'll most likely lose all my settings and addons if I do it that way. Huh

Update on this issue: I went ahead and went through the google play store, I took the risk and hit the uninstall button since there wasn't an "Upgrade" button to press, only "Open" which opened my current Jarvis version up even though I was looking to install Krypton. Anyhow, Jarvis was uninstalled in a matter of seconds. I went back to Kodi in google play and clicked Install button and it successfully installed Kodi to my Nexbox A3. Granted I did lose all my settings but I was ok with that since my install of Kodi was fairly minimal and I didn't lose very much settings since it only took me 5 minutes to set it back up minus 2 add ons I have to re-install. And to answer my own question, the Kodi link on the home page does point to Krypton version 17 without any issues so that was a nice surprise. The search function seems terribly slow. Not sure if its related yet though.
I can't play any movies either. This sucks lol

I'm starting to think it doesn't like the google play version of Kodi I installed. Maybe I should download the ARM apk from the Kodi download page directly. Nothing is working since upgrading. Like Kodi installs fine but when I try using Exodus, it takes a forever to find anything and when I do find what I'm looking for, the search providers list is very low or whatever links I select doesn't load anything.
Good luck and feedback the results!
I'm not sure what the deal is. It's just not working with my A3. Kodi itself seems to drag really slow and I can't get movies to load. I just installed the APK directly from the Kodi download page and Krypton doesn't play well with my box. I can't make it work and am out of ideas at the moment.

Krypton works fine on my Windows 7 machine however. Strange.

Ok I guess this is my last post on this for now. I've given up and uninstalled Krypton for the 4th or 5th time in a row after trying multiple times to make this work on my A3 using the Google Play store version of Kodi and then the ARM version of Kodi from (I even tried the ARMv8A (64bit) version and that does not install) and Krypton just will not work on my A3. I went back to and found the ARM version of Jarvis 16.1 and re-installed that and everything works fine in Exodus. Maybe should anyone hope to run Krypton on their A3, it might have to come in a firmware update because neither version I've downloaded and installed worked properly. Sad

If someone else has better results attempting this on their A3 box please share. Smile
I would strongly suggest you install this version:

Uninstall kodi. Install the version I have uploaded.
Uninstall kodicenter and install the version I uploaded (nonobligatory)
Run kodi.
Set kodi skin (system/apperance/skin) to confluence hwy2016. Set all other parameters like region, etc. You may have to change to expert mode to change some settings.
Exit kodi.

Run kodicenter. Choose all. When done run kodi.
Let kodi update all addons. Once done exit kodi.
Check again the skin and the parameters. Once all OK exit kodi.
I'm already running the latest firmware and re-installing Kodi 16.1 restored all normal functions of Kodi lost when attempting to use version 17 (Krypton).

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