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Update!! NEXSMART D32 Marshmallow Android 6 firmware update released
This firmware fix the YouTube problem, everyone who need this firmware please download through the following link:

NEXSMART D32 (1GB+8GB) Android 6 firmware!cw4zwQqK!_s0i1NdFrErRSEvPmO8HAA

Tools and guide included. 

Great news! When will this be available to update over the air?
Thank you Alina.

Been playing with it for a couple of hours now and on the whole it looks pretty good.
Is it possible to update without connecting it to a PC? (I don't have the cord)
Is this update going to be via OTA?
I have not yet seen a Chinese TV box maker provide an OTA update for going from one Android version to the next, so I think the most realistic option is to buy a Male A to Male A cable and flash the new firmware.
If you don`t want to wait for a cable to arrive, or pay anyway, then you may have spare USB cables to make one of your own USB Male to Male cable.
Cable tests fine with multimeter ( I made it  - couldnt wait) Tried USB in back as well as front hub - no dice. I have a MicroSD on the device, cant I put the image on a card and flash that way?
There is a Rockchip Create Update disk tool 1.4 but it's quite old now and I don't think that it will work.
I put an SD card in and system seems to recognize now. Time to try the flashing Smile

Was stuck on logo, then I remembered to take out SD card - optimizing now. Thanx Guys!

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