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Update!! DOLAMEE D5(1GB+8GB) Marshmallow Android 6 firmware update released
This firmware fix the YouTube problem, everyone who need this firmware please download through the following link:

DOLAMEE D5 (1GB+8GB) Android 6 firmware!Z5Ri1ZiB!XA-fPlwulrNbclQttsd1UA

Tools and guide included. 

Thank You!
It seems solve the audio cracling problem, but I keep testing.
Hello everyone
have tried a lot of firmware to try to find one that manages the DRM google widevine modular DRM, I had great hopes on this update android 6 always did not google widevine modular DRM
To be able to use the application My Canal
Best regards.

I have to say that out of the box, this is pretty good from initial first impression testing.

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Is the netflix audio problem fixed?
Cool for users who have the 1/8 box.

What about the DOLAMEE D5 (2GB+8GB) Android 6 firmware?
When will that be released?
I went to the settings in my dolamee and checked for system updates, but it says my system is already up to date? My firmware is 20161111 so it is from November.
Audio crackling and skipping is gone after this flash update! Thank you!
Does anybody know how to use the app "Smart IRemote" with the Dolamee? It's on the playstore:

I am having trouble setting it up.
Will this firmware work with the 2gb + 8gb?
We will realse the 2gb + 8gb later,but not too far, maybe this week.

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