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Update!! DOLAMEE D5(1GB+8GB) Marshmallow Android 6 firmware update released
Hi all, this firmware is like the original, i.e. with all apps preinstalled, or is a clean firmware?
how it appears graphically? can someone post some images?
Thank you for the update. I installed it after the 5.1.1 2017 update killed the sound on my device. Overall, the 1G/8G runs MUCH better with the 6.0, with less memory usage. It's like a completely different box. The audio on netflix and youtube is fixed. I replaced Kodi with my own version 17 backup, and even though I use a pretty graphically intensive layout, it's being rendered smoothly without significantly longer widget load times than a box with a 912 in it. Great work!

However, I have a few issues. Movies HD and Cartoons HD prompt 'can't play this video' for everything, even with the horrible vplayer installed. This worked with the 2016 11/11 firmware, although with crackly audio.
The ghost links in the interface don't help. I've resolved all of them by un and re-installing the proper applications from Google Play, except the launcher for Google Play crashes your interface every time it's clicked and I need a way to fix it, or keep an icon in the tray below I had to did in the system apps to launch it.
Bonjour à tous,
comme personne ne m’as répondu
je donne la solution dans le firmware dolamee D5 1 g/8 g
qui inclus Google Widevine du firmware de la DRM modulaire

Great update but... there is an issue with wifi in image Dolamee_D5_rtl8723bs_simple_RK3229_6.0.1_20170301.img. After flashing no network can be found and connected. 
An image dated 0170224 works fine though.
Is there some way to install the update without a windows PC? Weren't these boxes supposed to have OTA updates?
How i can install kodi17.4 in D5 box or upgrade 16.1. Help is highly appreciated

CAn anyone reply on my email
(09-07-2017, 08:25 PM)iwsss95 Wrote: How i can install kodi17.4 in D5 box or upgrade 16.1. Help is highly appreciated

CAn anyone reply on my email

The easiest way is thru play store!
Uninstall any other version you have and download it!
And also a good Kodi version for you is FTMC  which have an  ''Arm Rockchip'' version and you can install it via sideload!
Good luck!

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