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Dolamee Operating System
Sorry if I'm not doing this right, I've never been a blogger.  I got a Dolamee 6 from Gearbest about 10 days ago.  I am very Windows literate and I can fudge my way around on my phone but this box is making me tear my hair out.

There was only a slip of paper telling me how to plug the unit in.  But there was nothing about how to run the system.  I have searched the net for some kind of instructions but I have been unable to find anything.

Can anyone direct me to somewhere that I can read up on this and figure out what I'm doing?  Thanks in advance.

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Just ordered a D6 but have not received yet. But you have to play around a little bit.
When I receive my box I can help you a little bit more.
I do not know what you want to do with your box.
Manuals becoming rare. The functions are too much to put in a manual.
At least there should be a link to online descriptions to different functions. Like now if you cant make it work you just wasted some money.

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