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After 6.0 update, Movies HD CartoonsHD not working
The box is way better since the 6.0.1 upgrade, however Cartoons HD and Movies HD both say "can't play this video" for everything on the D5. It's probably something in their app but are other people seeing this too?
In android 6.0 , some apps "need" all the permissions to work properly!
so check first in settings ---> apps if all the permissions are given properly to these apps!
Good luck!
Thank you for the reply. I didn't think to check those, but the permissions they need were all granted. I even reflashed 6.0.1 on my box and Movies HD (and the 3 or 4 other apps just like it) don't ever play the videos. I have a few different boxes here all working ok.
Do you have MX player installed ?
Yesl, but it uses VPlayer. Is anyone able to get these apps working with the 6.0.1 build?
In my Nexbox A1 working fine with MX player!
Can you get Movies HD, Cartoons HD to play anything?
Cartoons HD no , i don't have it but as i said Movies HD and Terrarium TV working fine with MX player in my Nexbox A1 (S912-soc)!
Thanks for the Terrarium tip. It work. Movies HD does work but only by selecting the list button at top right and selecting MX Player. Their annoying vplayer ad app still needs to be inatalled.
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