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Firmware for Yundoo Y8.
I flash my Yundoo Y8 but I can not find the original firmware someone I can 'help where and' can find it ? Thank you ...
I too Wish to know where i can download the Orignal Yundoo Y8 Firmware from please ?
On the web there is a lot of publicity on this box YUNDOO Y8 to make people buy and also quite expensive ... But as I see it is so devoid of support for me is not good and it was a real disappointment
YUNDOO Y8 firmware (4GB+32GB)!UhRGFCYJ!SRafLwyAgSzhC0DY3qRE1w

Guide and tools are included
Yeah ... !! Finally , thank you so much...!
Youtube Video does not play well, Gittery..
VP9 format in tvmc will not play, mpeg files have trouble.

More work needed but looking better we have root :-)
The Yundoo Y8 has serious Google Play Store problems, half of apps say not compatible. There are also big pass-through problems as you get no audio output, just silence. Just get green screen problems when using Sony or Phillips tv’s. When using Chrome browser the above tabs overlap and you can’t use it. The ethernet MAC address also resets to random after every reboot. No Google Widevine for streaming apps. Youtube stuttering problems because of slow EMMC. Kodi can’t play VP9 or Mpeg videos.
Also no update for Android 7 will be released while other RK3399 manufacturers will release it on launch, so Kodi 17 with full MediaCodec compatibility and auto frame-rate support won’t be possible but you should still be able to use RKMC 16.1
(04-17-2017, 08:02 AM)Alina Wrote: YUNDOO Y8 firmware (4GB+32GB)!UhRGFCYJ!SRafLwyAgSzhC0DY3qRE1w

Guide and tools are included

Hi any news of firmware upgrade timeline
Thank You
The Yundoo 8 is a disappointment. Is there firmware to address the jittery video play as well as audio sync? I just received mines yesterday, and it performs worse than the tv box I have with 2gb of ram. The Kodi builds play terribly. Please update software or I'm going to return it.
A custom rom about to appear on Freaktab, YT and FTMC excellent

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