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Firmware for Yundoo Y8.
But will there be a new update of this bugs firmware in my opinion almost unusable on many aspects by the YUNDOO manufacturer or will we be forced to put this TV box in a drawer ?
The old link does not work. Give the firmware to 2/16 version.
just in case the emmc will be bricked during a firmware update. we'll need instructions which pin out to shorten (CLK) to go into maskrom mode. any pics and hints welcome!

here's a pic (left, middle, samsung KLMBG4WEBD-B031)

back side (with possible pin-out for CLK)
the rockchip manual says: 

"Writing to the board with USB

For USB to work you must get your board into ROM boot mode, either by erasing
your MMC or holding the maskrom button when you boot the board."

compare to Firefly-RK3399 entering MaskRom mode:
Hey, does anybody know, is this current update for the Y8 android 7.1.1? Or just fixes on the old 6.01?
(08-28-2017, 12:09 PM)belmix Wrote: - DEBUG-UART (MASKROM MODE)

it worked!

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