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Dolamee D6 = Nexbox A95X?
i've recently opened my box, and the inside look really similar to the Nexbox A95X, just a board more with display, ir receiver and power button, but the main board looks really really the same as the one found in the Nexbox A95X. Does this mean we can use firmware that runs on the Nexbox A95X?
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Flash it and try.. Let us know
If you flash with A95X firmware then it will work but you will loose front LED display as A95X doesen't have LED display, I tested it by flashing A95X Firmware.
The best stable firmware for Dolamee D6 is the firmware of Smallrt X3 (Choose the right one depending the size 1GB + 8GB or 2GB+8GB or 2GB+16GB)
I flashed my bricked dolamee d6 2GB+8GB with Smallrt X3 2GB+8GB and all works including fron LED display. The launcher is way better than stock dolamee d6.

I used USB burning tool to flash

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