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Just picked up thios box and love it so far. But I do have somequestions.

1) I have 5G wifi and do not see it as a choice on the setup screen. Am I doing something wrong or does the box just not do 5G?

2) Are there multiple types of "builds" for kodi? If so, which one do people feel is nest, easiest and most stable? I seem to get a lot of "dead" links

3) How do I update android and/or kodi? I suspect I may want to update to 17.0 but am not sure how to do this.
1- Only 2.4ghz!
2- There are , kodi, spmc , ftmc and all working great !
3- The easiest way is to unistall all other versions and install kodi 17.1 from playstore (BUT YOU HAVE TO SETUP ALL PLUGINGS FROM THE BEGGINING)

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