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What is TV Store?
TV Store is an application market, or an app for other applications installing. It has collected most of the popular social applications or media players. You can find favorite applications and install it easily. TV Store has five sections, News, Media, Game, Application and Manage, each section has different characteristics and function. TV Store is designed for all kinds of the TV boxes.

TV Store
[Image: 12.png]

Section News: Keeps update the TV box industry news. You will get to know more about TV boxes.

[Image: 4-1024x576.png]

Section Media: Here are the popular media players.

[Image: 0-1024x576.png]

Section Game: Here are the recommended games.

[Image: 2-1024x576.png]

Section Application: Here are the frequently-used social apps and other common applications.

[Image: 3-1024x576.png]

Section Manage: Here you can manage the applications you’ve downloaded, upgrade or uninstall the apps.
[Image: Screenshot_20170427-083211-1024x576.png]

Latest applications will be published aperiodically in TV Store.

Download TV Store from here:

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