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Firmware very crude and full of bugs..!
Waiting for a new firmware like water in the desert, otherwise it's just a useless piece of plastic...!
Hi my box has several bugs and hangs a lot on Kodi and Youtube, in streming are block for a seconds and block and block Huh . I have already reset but it still remains in the same... Sad recently the biggest problem is that the box does not turn on in button power at the box and in pad is the same... Angry 
I tried to solve with Gaerbest that is not solving Nor send me a new box or the money back ... If necessary I do the updates of the videos, help me please.
Hi there should be a moderator to help people who are in possession of this yundoo Y8 that as I see it does not even have a decent support. As for youtube shots and a firmware problem, and they do not provide an update to resolve any problems. Then I did not understand your second problem. If you want to change firmware that has solved the problem of YouTube but cmq with countless bugs a look at here ................

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