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Auto Repairs

Just received a NexBox T9 and when I boot it displays the performing automatic repair message every time.    I checked and there is a registry problem and no backup registry to use.   Do you have any suggestions?

can you take a picture of that problem?
I encountered this problem just recently.

Apparently, there seems to be a problem with the Windows repair itself and it keeps ending up with "unable to repair".  No matter how you use options, they are all worthless.

I tried using the CMD prompt to install windows from USB but the problem is the BIOS itself and it does not have the option to boot from USB.

The UEFI shell is all new to me and somehow I killed the BIOS accidentally.  Eventually, I was left with only the UEFI shell.  After a long and trying time, I eventually got Windows 10 installed via USB.

Altogether, it took me a good 5 days to successfully beat that loopy box and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.   Smile

Only problem I have atm, is the WiFi and it seems another common problem after installing or updating Windows 10.  Bear in mind, repair Windows 10 and then ending up with a "unable to repair Windows 10" and then stuck here - is a common problem as it is happening on various PCs as shown on the internet.  I'm scared to do it again because I will need to retrace my steps on how I added a clean install via USB using the UEFI shell.  It took me a long time to get it done.

My question is: why did the manufacturer opt to create a BIOS without booting from USB?  Just making it much more harder for us nowadays.
In some degree to avoid users' misoperation destroying the system

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