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Replacement remotes
I just received a Y8 4/32 that I bought a few weeks ago on GearBest. After a couple of hours of playing with it, I'm fairly pleased. There are no issues with Google Play Store, and I installed SuperSU and RootCloak so I could run the Comcast/Xfinity Streaming app.

The one drawback is the remote. It leaned all TV functions easily, but the box is going to be in my guest bedroom and the need to switch between mouse and button mode may create a learning curve that's a little steep for overnight guests.

Is one of the aftermarket remotes better than others, in terms of simplicity and intuitive use? Will dedicated play/pause keys work with apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and the Comcast app?

Input greatly appreciated.
IR remote are not work very well , i think the replacement also has same problem

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