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How to link a new remote
Hello. New to this whole nexbox thing. 
Dog ate the old remote. I'm trying to figure out how to sync the new remote I just got. 
Please help. If the wife can't watch her 60 days in. I'm going to serve 25 to life. Lol!!

I have a nexbox 95x. With the same remote it comes with. The blue main button one.
Tell us more about the new one !

It's this remote. But it won't do anything. For the box. Do I have to reset the box and sync from there?
Let me get it straight....
Your similar tv box remote broke and you bought one which look like the original but doesn't work at all with your box?
If this is happening give me the link of where you bought the second one to see if seller mention the simmilar working models so to get a clue !!

This is the remote I bought. It's supposed to be compatible. I just don't know how to set it to the box. It won't do anything.
Don't worry m8 it's for a similar tv box so it will need some actions from you to get it work!
The most important thing is to root PROPERLY your tv box so the changes can take effect !
So after rooting look here :

NOTICE : Don't forget that you will need a root browser to change this file inside system / etc
Also don't forget to change the permissions of this remote.config to rw-r-r (644)
Umm I'm gonna need a walk through from the beginning. I bought this off someone with Lodi already installed. So I have no idea what rooting is. Do I need to hook this to my computer? Because I have no idea what to do
Which is your box ?
The one with android 6.0 or with 5.1 ?
Can you take a picture of the bottom of your tv box ?
I can't seem to send a picture. 
The android system is the 6.0

The back of the box reads 
Nexbox ott tv box
CPU:amlogic s905x
Ram: 1g  rom:8g

Mac c46e003010d0
Ok i'll make soon a guide for helping you!

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