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No AV signal in the TV
Hello, I have a problem with the HDMI connection of my TV (a JVC model ten years old) so I have to connect my new Dolamee D5 using the AV signal. The problem now is that I've tried with two different cables (jack 35 - RCA) and the result is there's no signal showed in the TV. In one of my attemps a very blurred image of the Dolamee's menu has been showed for 3 seconds before the TV changed to the blue screen.
Anyone can help me to find a reason why the AV signal is not working properly? Thanks in advance!!
change another TV for test to make sure the problem is with the HDMI port or the TV. If you have to use the AV port, reverse the position of the red and yellow line, see if any changes
Try to connect the TV Box with other TV on hdmi and change the resolution.
After that you can connect the TV Box on AV with TV with issue.
You have to do that until you will find a good resolution which work for that TV with issue on AV port.
It is known than the resolution on AV is less than HDMI.
Do not reverse the position of the red and yellow line on AV!
The red connector is for audio signal and the yellow is for video.


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