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Need official firmware for Alfawise A95X R1 pleaseeeeeeeee.
(06-19-2017, 12:35 PM)jaytec Wrote: Hi every one I just got a few a95x r1 box and the firmware is really slow, ive been looking around to flash an other firmware so first I try
this firmware : A95X_R1_SSV6051P_complex_tvmc_change_100_RK3229_5. 0.1_20170502
but the speed was the same even some time it was a little bit slower than 6.0.1 So I flash it again with : 

But I was getting an error every time I tried to flash it back to 6.0.1 whit this firmware
And after a few time trying my box wont power on at all now and there is no blue or red light
in front of the box when I plug power cable, even my computer dont see it at all when I try to flash it again.
So I guess this one is dead anyway, but now I still have nine A95X R1 box and after doing some search 
I can see that the Nexsmart D32 has the same rk3229 cpu and the RTL8189 wifi chip
and the nexsmart was running pretty good even 2 time faster than the A95X R1
So would you think I should try to flash the A95X R1 with the Nexsmart D32 6.0.1 Firmware??

When you have tv boxes with similar hardware the only real problem is wifi/bluetooth and the remote control !
So , first job is to identify 100% right our hardware and then to test similiar firmwares !
But , be aware ... we need to be 100% sure to avoid any bad situations after !
Now for the "broken" tv box you should try another power adapter or maybe (usually on red light) the short pins trick (depending on your nand chip) !
(06-15-2017, 09:46 AM)cyberspace Wrote:
(06-15-2017, 08:34 AM)gatos814 Wrote: You flashed it with this? A95X_R1_SSV6051P_complex_tvmc_change_100_RK3229_5. 0.1_20170502
and still can not boot ?

Different models!
In specification should be Android 6.0.1 not 5.0.1

Have a try with this firmware.

RK update guide and tools!pxxmjCaI!NpST_X7JdEcMA...wlLtRRvnVE
(06-15-2017, 07:44 AM)gatos814 Wrote: Try to get into recovery and make a factory reset..
I don't know this box but i assume there is a reset button inside AV hole !
So unplugge the power adapter and hold with something non metallic inside AV hole the reset button while plugging again the power adapter !
Don't leave the button untill you see the recovery mode !
Now go and make a factory reset and see if you manage to get into OS !
I hope that will work to you....
Good luck !


I did a reset inside the AV Hole on my A95X box and i was able to factory reset after doing that.
Thank You for a tip that i would never have thought of.


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