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Boot from USB Flash Drive
The InsydeH20 BIOS of NexBox T10 is pretty complex and difficult to navigate for even an advanced user like me.  I've discovered that the Esc or F2 key can bring up the BIOS user interface, but Setup is buried in another level.  The Boot Manager, which was a promising title for selecting a USB flash drive for a clean install...seems to be unable to list any USB drive I've used, whether formatted EFI or legacy, MBR or GPT.

According to ChinaGadgetsReview:

"The BIOS of this system is quite peculiar, it looks like a tablet with DualOS BIOS capabilities that are not active in this system. Overall a BIOS with many options but with little practical utility. To boot from another drive in the system menu first have to go to ‘Boot From File’ and select the file you want to UEFI boot, the BIOS does not seem to support legacy systems with Legacy mode."

Frankly, I can't even get this to work, and I'm getting pretty frustrated.

So, how are we expected to boot from a USB flash drive with these BIOS?
don't use the USB 3.0(the blue one) interface when you set the usb drive
Thanks, that was an effective workaround, even if the USB 2.0 speeds make for a much slower install. Can we expect a BIOS update to fix the problem with the USB 3.0 port? (My Beelink Z83 MiniPCs install just fine from the USB 3.0 port, and they're based on the same SoC.)
Beelink Z83 4
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