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Warranty support
Is there any warranty on these units? If so, how can I get warranty help?

I went to turn mine on a couple of days ago and...nothing appears on the screen (and my TV says 'No signal').
- Lights do appear on the box when I plug a network cable in, so it does have power.
- I also tried a different HDMI port on my TV, a different HDMI cable, and a different power supply. Same issue remains.
- I also tried a different S912 box that I have and it works correctly on my TV on the same HDMI port, with the same HDMI cable, and with the same power supply, so the problem is definitely in the Dolamee D9 box.

I found instructions online for how to update the firmware via USB, however, when I plug the box into my PC via USB I get "Windows does not recognize the device (USB descriptor request failed)".

I think the box is really broken.


First of all for warranty you have to contact with your seller!
Now 100% you haven't installed properly the drivers to your windows pc!
If you have windows 10 don't forget to disable ''Driver Signature Verification'' !
Good luck !
Just wanted to let you know that I was finally able to recover the D9 unit firmware. I was never able to get things working with Win10, even though I *had* disabled driver signature enforcement. So I set up Win7 on my machine and was able to get the process working under that OS! Success!

One tip for others: Even though the installer told me that the USB drivers were "Ready for use" I still had to reboot my system before the D9 unit was successfully recognized.

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