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Android x86 7.1 rc-1
To install Android, obtain and make an Android x86 live USB stick. I used netbootin to make mine from the ISO.

1 insert into USB 2.0 slot next to USB3.0 Slot (this 2.0 is the only one that will boot).
2 when booting using a wired keyboard hold F2 key
3 select to boot from USB
4 run andoid live to see if it will work on your box
5 reboot
6 repeat steps 2 and 3
7 choose to install

The system itself must install on the third mkblkop partition and this will WIPE OUT Windows 10. Be sure you don't want to run Windows any more. Double check using Windows 10 where the big 57GB partition is on the NDisk using minitool wizard partition manager to understand your partition setup.

Follow install steps select ext4 as the format for the third mkblkop partition.

Yes to grub yes to grub 2. If successful and when printed to reboot or run Android x86 ... Remove the USB stick and boot into Android x86.



WiFi won't work
Bluetooth won't work
Audio only through HDMI

You must have an audio out on your monitor or TV or a HDMI audio extractor. You must have a wired internet connection because the WiFi won't work. Future Android x86 releases may fix these issues.

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