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How to Use Miracast with A SMALLRT X2 TV Box
It is a great experience to cast the movie, game or picture from a small screen to a big screen. Here we will see how to achieve this with a SMALLRT X2 TV Box.
(1)First find Miracast App in My APPs.
[Image: Screenshot_20170801-014839-1024x576.png]
[Image: Screenshot_20170801-015428-1024x576.png]
(2)Click to open the Miracast App
[Image: Screenshot_20170801-020726-1024x576.png]
(3)Make sure your mobile device and the box are connected with the same Wi-Fi
(4) Find Settings→WLAN direct connection or Settings→Connection mode in your Android phone, open it and your phone will search the peer device, click to connect your phone and the box, then you will see your phone screen is casting on the box.
( iPhone use the APP Airplay to cast screen)

Is it suitable for IOS system?

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