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"Unzip Error"
I have new Dolamee D5 (old firmware 2016-09-07)
./ System Update …Wriless update  … new firmwar 2016-11-11… Donwload …Ok…Ok… „Warning: „Unzip Error"
How can i update it?

How can I get the box to update? It keeps telling there's and update and downloads it successfully, however, when I tell it to install now it keeps giving an "Unzip Error" (that's all it says) and it fails. I've tried to redownload the file 10 times now, rebooted 15 times, did a factory reset, etc... and it still fails. Please help THX.
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If you have a usb male to male cable, try to update it this way!
Good luck!
using male to male USB cable, follow this tutorial
it works

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