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error message when trying to stream Disney
Hi I just got my d5 and I get  "error" message. when trying to stream Disney any where movies it says I am already streaming that move and to stop streaming it so I can play it here. But I am not streaming it anywhere else. It will let me play the preview for the movie but not the movie. Any suggestions?
Probably this app needs to unroot your tv box to play ?!
(08-28-2017, 06:56 AM)gatos814 Wrote: Probably this app needs to unroot your tv box to play ?!

I am new to this. could you please explain how to unroot my tv box  Smile Thank you
I don't have this tv box but i assume that you can try to download from playstore the superuser app and if all goes well with a root browser go inside system/xbin and erase busybox (after you'll give access permisions to the root browser)
Finally , from inside superuser go and make a full unroot to your device !
Reboot and now your tv box will have NO root access !
You can check it with a lot of root checker apps from playstore !
Good luck !

P.S : Be aware that if something goes wrong you maybe have to reflash the firmware from the beginning !

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