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Update mechanisms
Is there some way to update the firmware on a D5 1GB,8GB without connecting to a Windows PC via USB? I don't have a windows machine and my box is buggy and unusable with the last update.
You have to find one windows pc just for setting an sd card to do the job !
Here is a similar guide :
And here are the latest firmwares (Identify yours and go on) :!Z5Ri1ZiB!XA-fPlwulrNbclQttsd1UA
Good luck!
So I finally was able to format an SD card and followed the instructions. The box starts to update (see the green robot and it says updating with a progress bar. After a minute or two the screen goes green and the box obviously locks up. I left it overnight and it still shows a green screen. What am I doing wrong?
I don't know what you're doing wrong but maybe you must consider to find a windows pc for finishing the job !
Look for a windows 7 pc , buy or make a usb male to male cable and follow this guide :
for 100% success !
Good luck!
At this point I may toss this thing in the trash and buy a better one from a company that will provide better support ?. This box was supposed to have OTA updates but if they won’t make it easy to update etc then this thing is junk. I don’t have easy access to a windows PC and I’m not going to spend money or time on an appropriate USB cable ?

And pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong. I followed the instructions and made an sd card with the firmware etc. The box started the update process as indicated in the guide and then froze up part way through.
More or less the most of these tv boxes are the same!
Of Course the SoC of the tv boxes are the first and the last thing that matters!
Other positive and negative have the Rockchip devices , other the Amlogic , other the Allwinner etc...
For instance Amlogic tv boxes are easier to flash via sd than Rockchip but ALL of them needs a PC for 100% success!
It's also very common the OTA updates to stop after a while!
So ... that's the way of things working (not just from Nexbox, but almost from all) !
I hope you'll finaly fix your tv box!

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