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Review | Probox2 AVA Realtek RTD1295DD Android TV Box
A special new TV Box that combines NAS, VPN and other roles along with a traditional and Kodi capable in a versatile android based device:

Review | Probox2 AVA Realtek RTD1295DD Android TV Box

[Image: AVA-Boxtop.jpg]

Quote:Probox2 AVA is an attempt at something a bit different in this world of very similar Android based TV Boxes. It does that by incorporating a dual firmware which runs (at the same time) Android 6.0 along with OpenWRT. The latter is a Linux based firmware that is common in routers. It gives the device not only router-like abilities, but also NAS and several different possible server roles. On top of that, AVA’s elongated body contains space for a 2.5 inch HDD or SSD for storage.

If you like it, please share! Thanks!
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Looks great

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