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Dolamee D5 2+8 GB version
Something happened with the device. I only see Dolamee logo on a black screen. Sometimes I can enter a screen where I can choose to reset to factory setting and some other things but when I press on factory reset nothing happens.


Please help
I'm afraid you'll have to flash your tv box manually from the beginning!
Look here for help :
Also here you will find the all the latest stock firmwares with tools! :!Z5Ri1ZiB!XA-fPlwulrNbclQttsd1UA
I see from recovery that you have Dolamee D5 rtl8723bs with Android 5.1.1...
So you can choose this ''Dolamee D5_rtl8723bs_RK3229_5.1.1_20161212''
or to go to Android 6.0 with this ''Dolamee_D5_rtl8723bs_2g8g_RK3229_6.0.1_20170301'' or this latest : ''Dolamee_D5_rtl8723bs_simple_tvmc_change_100_RK3229_6.0.1_20170410''
You also need a usb male to male cable.....
Good luck!
Hm, i did everything but when connecting D5 it says: USB device not recognized.  Confused

If you have windows 10 , disable driver signature enforcement , uninstall the drivers , clean your pc and reinstall them!
Good luck!

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