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Android 6 Netflix Offline DLs
I've been using the Android 6 update from here since it came out, thankfully it made the device better in almost every way. Recently I swore Netflix gave me the download locally option, but correct me if I'm wrong. I added a 32GB micro SD and extended the local storage when mounting it (it might have been the incorrect mount method). 

Now, I don't see and download to device options in Netflix. A re-install from Netflix's own side-loading link doesn't install a version which has those options.. 

Is this working for anyone? The power consumption and saving to local MicroSD makes the D5 still a great portable device for travelling or plugging into the car.
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i don't know if D5 can work with apps install on extended micro SD card, but i suggest you use the 16gb big memory storage D5 box.

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