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Audio/Video Issues
Hi, I am using the Rocket X1 with the latest version of Netflix.

When watching several Netflix shows, the audio is lagging the video feed. ( I have a good 30Mb Cable connection)
I am unsure what to adjust in the box properties, there does not seem to be anything that would be relevant. I have tried changing sounds from default to HDMI.
I am using version of Netflix (version 4.7 build 7941)

I am noticing the some of the same issues in KODI with version 17.4.  I have gone through several yutube videos with no luck.
Just wondering if these issues have anything to do with the FW of the box.

I also use another box (MyGica 520atv) about 4 years old with none of these issues, and it is quite a bit slower in processor!

Any thoughts?
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Just to close this out - upgrading to Android 6.0 completely eliminated all of the issues that I was having.
Netflix and Kodi 17.6 work without issue now.

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