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Y8 bugs
1) Skype. The camera works, but the opponent see the green strikes on the screen. Microfone did not work at normal mode, only when the phones (not the speakers) selected in the chat window the microphone begins to work.
2) HDMI CEC - where is it...
3) 5GHz Wi-Fi with 80MHz channel width is not seems at the list of networks... My Mecool BB2 Pro connect on 433Mbit to my router...  
4) The Yundoo can not be hidden behind the TV, because, after the power is switched off, it can not be powered on from the remote, only from the power button on the box...

The price of this device is 2 times higher then the mecool bb2 pro, but the functionally the mecool seems better and more balanced device, that this one... the money was dropped away...
nice comparison

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