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Firmware for TV box EM95X Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 ROM 1GB/RAM 8GB
I'm unsuccessfully trying to find on the Internet the firmware on the TV box EM95X Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 RAM 1GB / ROM 8GB. Perhaps you can help me. Huh
As long as you can't find anything try this one from NEXBOX A95X and see if you are lucky!!RoAwFbAQ!Xln6jOSpqyIGH...4kicxVVhyg
Good luck!
(11-08-2017, 11:20 AM)gatos814 Wrote: Пока вы не можете найти что-нибудь, попробуйте это у NEXBOX A95X и посмотрите, повезло ли вам!!RoAwFbAQ!Xln6jOSpqyIGH...4kicxVVhyg 
Спасибо, но я уже пробовал этот вариант. Его недостаток- нет Bluetooth , не работает индикация и в общем не совсем корректно работает.Thank you, but I've already tried this option. Its lack-there is no Bluetooth, the display does not work and in general it does not work correctly.
So, the only option you have is to open the tv box and look inside the motherboard for the wifi/bluetooth combo module!
Then you'll look for similar firmware and give  it a try!!
Good luck and please write next time only in English!
Thank you for your help and sympathy.
You welcome...
And if you'll take pictures from the board and need any help we're here!
Good luck!
(11-09-2017, 12:37 PM)gatos814 Wrote: You welcome...
And if you'll take pictures from the board and need any help we're here!

Good luck!


I have the same issue. i bricked my Em95x device. i am able to get USB-Burning_tool_v2.0.9 to recognize it by shortening the chip, but i cant find the right firmware for EM 95X

i appreciate all the help.
Pictures of board are attached.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
These photos aren't helping me!
Can you see in the motherboard any other letters and numbers(version of the ''plate'' maybe...)
Nothing that i can see other than the numbers on the chips.
i was able to upload some firmware, i got to the main screen, but the remote does not work properly, so i could not do anything. Only down key button works. The front screen does not light up. 

i guess i will need to keep trying different img files till i get one to work!
Did you look from the other side of the board?
And with which firmware was all ok except remote?

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