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[BUG REPORT] Video L5.1 (x264 10-bit) not play (Android 7)
Where is Alina? 
Video Level 5.1 still does not play.

>> Test Video x264 10-bit L5.1 <<

Check in MX Player 1.9.10 (or higher) in HW mode.
L3.0-L5.0 - ok
L5.1 - error.

I'm tired of waiting. Please send report and file to our sweet Rockchip Co.  Cool
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HP@L5.1 ? max Bitrate 300 Mbit! wtf?
on blueray HP@L4.1 max Bitrate 48 Mbit!

Video Level 5.1 such a stream of video only for cinemas!
I know several consoles able to play 5.1 !
why you uses this profile at home?
Если из РОССИИ прочти
(11-20-2017, 03:53 AM)crash_rider Wrote: HP@L5.1 ? max Bitrate 300 Mbit!  wtf?
Bitrate 11.6 Mbps
High10 @L5.1

The datasheet RK3399 specifies support for L5.1 10-bit x264
but it still does not work.


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