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remote no working (A95X 2gb 16gb)
I'm about to give up with this box, the remote control in not working.
it just works some times for a few minutes or seconds and them stops working at all.
what can I do to fix this problem?
or should I return the box I never buy this brand again?
This tv box like all the others use IR remote controls
So you have to point them very well to the IR receiver of your tv box!
I suggest you to by an air mouse like this :
or like this :
to do your job well done!
Make sure one of your OTHER remotes doesn't have a stuck button or some liquid spilled on it or something. Sometimes one of your remotes has an issue which affects the others from seemingly not working. Go through your remotes and take the batteries out, trying the one that seems to have stopped working between each attempt.

It's happened to me several times and drove me crazy.

Hopefully I can save someone else from some aggravation. :-)

Oh, and I found some instructions for programming the TV buttons on your Android remote:

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