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7.1.2 needs a lot of work and it’s original interface
I was very anxious a long time now for nougat. But it didn’t bother me until yesterday whe I saw the h96 max overpowered the yundoo y8.
So I began the hunt and found the yundoo homepage that led me to this forum on which I joined yesterday. I currently own 3 yundoo y8 and was tempted to buy the h96 max

My box was on 6.0.1 which had some freezing and some lags from time to time but at least it ran 90% smooth.

I updated 2 of my devices this morning and both started acting up.
Eg. Delays in the remote and the Air mouse.
Freezing for a couple of seconds 10 max then runs a rampage when scrolling through the apps that came with the update 7.1.2.

My other box on 6.0.1 none of these issues I even changed Air mouse and remote batteries but same results.

BETA is the perfect name for this new update.

Another thing that I’m not happy with and it bothers me is the lg look a like launcher I’m not a fan of that launcher that’s why I bought Samsung smart tv’s.

Please in next beta or update give us or at least I would like to get back the original launcher which is simple and easy to handle. Or at least an option at startup to choose desired launcher.

Also an option to replace the tvmc and other non replaceable shortcuts on the home screen.

I also did some tests with the antutu and compared with the h96 max, Iphone 7 and the yundoo y8.

YES YOU DID IT. But at what cost ? Sacrifice stability with unleashing power ?

Please sort it out and weed out the bugs.

Also weed out that lg launcher and give us back the original.

I’ve downgraded my 2 boxes back to 6.0.1.
No lags on remote anymore.

Thanks for an awesome box and an attempt to give us 7.1.2 Nougat.

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    I’ll humble myself with this score on 6.0.1  until all is rectified. At least the developers are trying to o unleash the power....

mask rom mode

flashing guide!i10zABBQ!C2D40cqDfpIGe...ar7pZjRmqA

Fix problem with usb on android 7 yundoo y8

if usb-c doesnt work create sd card


android 7.1.2 scv1



back side PCB

I follow the guide using RK tool software. By using usb typeC, I press n hold the reset button until the software communicate to yundooy8 n detect loader. choose the .img file n upgrade or flash the yundooy8. Everything ok the software dowload n succesful, n reboot the yundooy8. But the box bootloop at the logo, reboot afain n again. I install back the Android 6 SCV1. Everything ok.

Download Yundoo Y8 firmware | Hard reset Yundoo Y8 by flashing official ROM
Posted by Sneha onApril 25, 2017. Tags:TV

Yundoo Y8 firmware is available for download. Flashing the Yundoo Y8 firmware is easy. You can also use this process to hard reset it as flashing official firmware hard resets the android TV.

Download Yundoo Y8 firmware

Make sure to use the USB type-c port and then press the reset button that is hidden in the audio jack. Download the firmware from here and follow these instructions.

Download the rockchip driver assistant from here and install it on your computer. This is required so that the android TV is recognized by your computer.

Then download the rockchip rk batch tool. You will also need a USB type C cable.

After installing the driver, fire up the rk batch tool and click on the firmware button. Select the firmware download earlier. Make sure you have extracted it earlier to obtain the IMG file.

Hold the reset button of the Yundoo y8 android TV and then connect it to the computer. This update program will detect the device. You can now select the restore option to start the update process. After sometime, a green message showing success will appear on the screen.

You should now wait for 5-10 minutes for the system to complete the reboot process.

This android TV is powered by the RK3399 processor that comes with 4GB of DDR4 memory and 32GB of eMMC flash storage. You also get Wi-Fi ac in it with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.1.

Other connectivity ports include USB Type-C for data and power, a USB 3.0 port, SD
card reader, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI 2.0, Gigabyte network connector, 3 audio jacks, 5mm and SPDIF digital audio output.

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