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Android Music Players.. Best for Ext Speaker Use..!!
During the Past Fortnight I've Tested Errrrrrrrrrr.... Well Roundabout.
Lots of Players, EQ's, Studios, Mixers.. (Paid / Full / Pro) etc.
Oh Yeah... Fab with Headfones. But I'm Cinema'd Up, So I Need
A Rootin' Tootin' App for Ext Speakers Use...

You Don't Wanna Spend Days Downloadin' & Testing All the "Say So"
Reviewed Apps @PlayStore (or otherwise). A Damn Pain..!!

Here's a Share for Android Systems... (Mine is MM v6.0.1) Modded.

#1: Stellio
A Lot of Hard work to Install If ya aint Rooted. I had to Mod .xml Files
@Root.. To FORCE reading External Drives. The Widgets are a Pain as Well.
Battle on Tho..... Well Worth It.

#2: JetAudio+
IFFFFFFF.. You've Got a Fully Loaded "Hosts" File. You'll Escape Ad's
& Have an Excellent Free Player With Superb Sound Quality.

#3: Musicolet
VERY... VERY... Unusual to Find a Totally Free (No Ad's) All Singin App.
A Quality Player Which I Think Will Suprise Any Tester.. Not up on the
Effects like the Other 2.. But a Big WOW non the less..... For Free.. !!

All Latest Versions @PlayStore or Your Choice of Host.


#1: Neutron
Not All That..!!

#2: Maven
Installed.... But Wouldn't Run on my Sys.



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