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Kodi.... Ahhh Yes.. KODI

Kodi.... Ahhh Yes.. KODI

Created as a Family Entertainment Center. Fully Working. Functional.
Put Together by Lots of Devs (Internationally) & Well Presented... BUT..!!

Boys being Boys ha.. Just Gotta Dabble when the missus n Sprogs are in Bed.
Hence the Birth of Millions of Forums Globally. All Generated by Spin-Offs
From an Entertainment Platform.

Kodi, Forks, Spin-Offs, Repos, Addons, Standalones... The whole Shabang
Changed about 3yrs ago With the arrival of Pirates. Divisions among Devs.
Builds, Subscriptions. WHAT.. For a Proggy made by Guys for Free..!!

Kodi... Is Now a Business
Is it Legal..?? Who Knows..?? .. There Is a Fine Line.

Anyone Thinking about Getting an Android Set-up.. Consider Some Pointers.

The Most Stable version of Kodi is.. Jarvis v16.1
Versions above Krypton v17.* are for 64bit Win.. ATM
No Matter Which Platform & Kodi version.. You will Always Encounter Buffering.

You want 4K / hevc / .265
Make Sure You've got a 4K tv as Well.

V. V. Important..
You will NOT Run 4K on 20Mb B/band.. 4K Runs at Fluctuating Rates.
It Loads the Buffers to Capacity, Using & Re-Filling Continuously.
Anything between 35Mb - 65Mb @60fps.. So be Cautious..!!
My Lowest Suggestion would be (80Mb Hi-Speed Fibre)

G'luk If you Cut the Cable.
Just Don't Dabble... But you Will Hahaaa.

A Good Weekend to the Boards.
IPVanish is probably the best VPN service to use in order to watch movies and TV shows anonymously on Kodi or otherwise. And, Xiaomi is gettting popular in the world.

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