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Kodi.... Ahhh Yes.. KODI

Kodi.... Ahhh Yes.. KODI

Created as a Family Entertainment Center. Fully Working. Functional.
Put Together by Lots of Devs (Internationally) & Well Presented... BUT..!!

Boys being Boys ha.. Just Gotta Dabble when the missus n Sprogs are in Bed.
Hence the Birth of Millions of Forums Globally. All Generated by Spin-Offs
From an Entertainment Platform.

Kodi, Forks, Spin-Offs, Repos, Addons, Standalones... The whole Shabang
Changed about 3yrs ago With the arrival of Pirates. Divisions among Devs.
Builds, Subscriptions. WHAT.. For a Proggy made by Guys for Free..!!

Kodi... Is Now a Business
Is it Legal..?? Who Knows..?? .. There Is a Fine Line.

Anyone Thinking about Getting an Android Set-up.. Consider Some Pointers.

The Most Stable version of Kodi is.. Jarvis v16.1
Versions above Krypton v17.* are for 64bit Win.. ATM
No Matter Which Platform & Kodi version.. You will Always Encounter Buffering.

You want 4K / hevc / .265
Make Sure You've got a 4K tv as Well.

V. V. Important..
You will NOT Run 4K on 20Mb B/band.. 4K Runs at Fluctuating Rates.
It Loads the Buffers to Capacity, Using & Re-Filling Continuously.
Anything between 35Mb - 65Mb @60fps.. So be Cautious..!!
My Lowest Suggestion would be (80Mb Hi-Speed Fibre)

G'luk If you Cut the Cable.
Just Don't Dabble... But you Will Hahaaa.

A Good Weekend to the Boards.

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