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My First Box... I Didn't use xbmc/Kodi for 2 Months..?? Ehhh.?
My First Box... I Didn't use xbmc/Kodi for 2 Months..?? Ehhh.?

Got my First Box. Installed. Switched On. Boot Routine.
Desktop Console. And a Big (xbmc) "C'mon" Button.
Click... Like we all do/did.. Wowwwwwwww..!!
Had a Squint Around this New Experience & Thought.
Whoaaaaaaahh..!! What do I Know About Android..??

xbmc/kodi Needs a Platform to Run. In my Case. Droid.
WHAT did I Know about Android...?? .. Jack..!!
My First Job was to Figure Android System so it Could
Be Eliminated from probz Ref any Apps &/or xbmc.

(Windows.. Spark.. E2.. No prob). But Android. No Way.

Armed with my Toolbox.. 2 Tools.. "Google & Savvy"
I Worked Android Out.. I Don't mean, Where all the Buttons Are.
Sys files.. Rooting, db, xml, roms, flashing, apks, The Whole Caboodle.
Then I Could Hack/Mod any Part of the System.. And Fix/Repair.

My 3 Avoidances are... Python / Java / RegEx
My Fallback for Any Language is @W3schools
Anything Kodi is

I have around 20 Different Versions of xbmc/kodi Dotted Around.
All Mix/Match Between Gotham v13.2 thru Krypton v17.6
I also Test Krypton Nightlies. Keeps me Genned Up.
A swap from One Sys to Another. Up & Running: 5min Tops.

- Do I use VPN... Nope. Barefoot.
- What about tor... Nope. Still Barefoot.
- Do you Like Ad's.. What's Them lol.. My hosts-file Weighs in @3Mb
- Are you a Dev of your System Settings.. Yup
- Can you Fine Tune Android.. Yup... build.prop Hacks & xml Edits.
- What About kodi.. Stripped. My goodies Added, Then Installed.
- Which Skin.. Aeon-Nox. (Don't even Ask about the Mods)
- What's the Best Repo.. Ehhhhh
- What's the Best Add-on... Ehhhhh

Yeah snigger... I Know 'em All lol... But You See. I Don't Use 'em..!!
Naaaaaah.. I Stream... Pure & Simple.
I Reckon the kodi Internal Player Is the Dogs.. Soooo. It's my Player.

Not Wanting to Appear Rude to Staff or Members..
I am Not Familiar with Any of the Systems Listed @HomePage.
My Guess would be Perhaps Buy/Sell Forums..??
But When I Came Across TVB.. I scrolled Down to the Bottom.
Found Kodi stuffed away down There... Almost Empty.
And Applied Some Filler..

If @Admins Feel that my Input in the kodi Section could Help.
Feel Free to EM to my Reg Addy.. I Don't wanna tread on Toes.
Or Interfere with Sellers etc.. G'day.

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