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Downloading exsodus

Nicely Done Bro..The more you Research & Read-Up.
A year From Now You'iia Figured Lots More.
I Like That You Ain't Relying on Kodi/Exodus Exclusively.

As for Your Plans A & B.
A) Go to This Site & Study.. html / php / css
Tags / <iframe / var / xml etc
You'll Get the Picture Coz Using Source Code Is How to
Get your Infos Without Spidering/Scraping blahBlah..


B) Learn How to Stream.
Any System & a Good Player Puts You In Charge.
Think my Friend.. Media on W3 is Electronic/Digital.
And Daily Traffic Can't be Measured.. It's Huge..!!
BUT.. Ahem.. If You Can Intercept It & Unravel the
Source Code... You'll be the Dude Who Can Access
Any Media At All..

Use This Player & Browse the Site.. Fulla Infos.


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