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All (Singin' n Dancin') Kodi - Lets Lighten It Up..!!
All (Singin' n Dancin') Kodi - Lets Lighten It Up..!!

OK Guys....
Some Tips for the Guys who aint Bothered about Razzmatazz.
You've got Kodi Installed & It Weighs 300 Kilos.. lol
WHAT Exactly can You Do to Lighten the Load..??

Lets Get to the Guts of this System...
@FILE.EXPLORER /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/
In here there's Usually 5 Folders... My Sys only has 2. So this Is gonna be a memory
Drain. Obviously I've got "addons" & "userdata".. I Believe (And Don't bother correcting me)
The other 3 are: media / temp / system

Righty Oh Then... Hahaaaa.
As I Remember "system" has nothing In There.. Gone
Some versions of kodi use "media" for Some Background.. Gone Anyway..!!
"temp" folder.. This baby will Re-Generate No matter What.. And other Than
Carrying the kodi.log file for "Head in Hands" Guys. It'll weigh a Ton.
You aint Gonna send a Log... Go On.. Delete the whole temp Folder.

Make a Brew..
Take a Spoonful of James Bond Tonic & 2 Clint Eastwood Tablets..
Coz Now we're Going for the Jugular... Ready... C'mon Then..!!

Do you Like a Huge Amount of Thumbnails.. I Mean HYOOOOOGE..??
>>> Only Do This if Ya aint Bothered bout Thumbs for Addons <<<

Into "userdata" folder. Click on Thumbnails Folder/Properties.. Big ehhh.
If ya aint Bothered.. Delete that Folder and replace it with a FILE
Called Thumbnails (no extension)... That Folder Can't be Regenerated
Cozza that file.... Sooooo. Thumbs Can't be Downloaded..!!

Another Gulp of Tonic.. And Into the addons Folder... Can you See It..??
That Big.. Fat.. Juicy Folder There...... "YES"... That un There.. Packages.
First after Metadata Folders.. Rclick & Check Props.. Massive Innit..??

But Why are You Luggin' it Around..?? Yeah.. It's Fulla Zips, but they're
ALL Installed. Pop another Eastwood Tab and Delete The Contents..

Removing All the Above Files Will Leave a Fully Operating System
Albeit Very Lightweight. If you have a Family.. Don't Do It. The Kids'll
Scream the house Down for That "Duckled Don" Thumb.. Hahaàaa.

Aimed Mainly at Any Members Who are Serious Streamers.. G'luk

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