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Install & Backup (Clone) Kodi in Record Time.. Flawlessly..!!
Install & Backup (Clone) Kodi in Record Time.. Flawlessly..!!

To Do my Method.. A Kinda Clone.
- Grab Your .apk.. Lets Use Krypton v17.6 (avail @mirrors)
- Have a Clearout of Android Sys. You Don't want Conflicts.. ReBoot.

The Path to Our Target after Install
/0/Android/data/ "org.xbmc.kodi"

Personally.. I hide every other folder in /data/.. 'cept the Target.
Desktop S/cuts to the Target & Files Within = Quick Access.
Oh BTW.. My File man is ES.

Install Kodi as you Would any Other App. Let your Sys Get It's Breath.
Launch Kodi... If you Want to Watch the Whole "initial" Process.. Well.
I Make a Brew & Wait 10mins.. No Rush.
The Process Only Takes 5min.. But. Lets be Sure..!!

All Apps/Peripherals on Board... Time for 1st Backup.
Go to your Target Folder "org.xbmc.kodi"
Zip It.. Rename to 01.. That is Stage 1 (Inst/BkdUp)

Back Into Kodi.. Select Your Skin & Totally Config.
Go make Another Backup.. Name it 02

Save a (Copy) of 02 Backup On Ext Source.
You've put a Lot of Time in with That Skin.
If you Screw Up From Here In. You Can Allus get Back
>>To Where you Were<<
A N D .. You Always have a Basic Install at Hand.

Now You can Install a Repo & Some Addons..
HAPPY... Make Another Backup.. 03

If You Do this at Major Stages Throughout... You're Safe.

So Ok... You've got Your System to Your Liking.
Take a Final Backup & Keep It Safe.. Rainy Days Happen.

If Kodi Updates Tomorrow..??
Let the System Settle. Make Sure All Ok.. Backup.
Rename Backups by Date now EG:
Save Backups Externally.. Delete Which ever Stages You Don't Want.

HOW TO RESTORE.. Without Suckin' an Egg..!!
Close Kodi...
Sooooo.. You've Goofed Up... No Probz Dude.
DON'T just go to /data/ Folder and Delete "org.xbmc.kodi"
There's a Reason... It's Techy so Just Believe Me.

"Clear Data"
Till Data & Cache Show 0

Find your Backup/ *blah*.zip
Extract To:
Point It to... 0/android/data
And Click the ”AVVIT" button..

Make a Backup EVERY day Before Launching kodi.
If Any Updates go ding-dong During Launch.. YUP..!!

You Make Any Changes... Backup.
Don't Like the Changes... Restore Last Backup.

YES.. There Is/Are Backup Progs With/For Kodi
But I've seen Too many "Head in Hands" with Glitches etc.
My method Is a Clone.. A Like for Like.

Try Different Versions of Kodi with Different Skins.
Keep a Clone. You can Chop & Change at your Leisure.

- Install on Another Droid. Your Whole Package.. 5mins.
- Go Back... To Where you Were..!! .. 5min

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